Ben 10: College Days
Season 1, Episode 1
BTCD first pic
Air date TBA
Written by Iron
Directed by Iron
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Why, College? is the first episode of BTCD.


Ben: Another good day at the supermarket. 

Rook: Yes. It is true, the Good Day Biscuits are found here.

Ben: Not the biscuits, Rook.

Rook: That means we are going to have a good day?

Ben: Nope. Today we have to go to college.

Rook: Why? Is it necessary to study hard?

Ben: Not exactly, super heroes only need fame and butt kicking.

Rook: Then why are we goong to college today?

Ben: It's a long story...


Sandra: What are you two doing?

Ben: Rook wants to know how to do the special combo breaker.

Sandra: I want that game off by five minutes.

Five Minutes Later

Sandra: Didn't I ask you to turn it off?

Ben: Sumo Man just asked for a rematch, mom!

Sandra: You both are wasting your brains on it.

Ben: I know, right!

Sandra: I'm sending you to college from tomorrow onwards.



End Of Flashback

Rook: Oh, yes. Now, will Gwen be there?

Ben: I'm eighteen and Gwen has graduated from college.

Rook: That is a tragedy indeed.

Ben: Now come on, Rookie.

Rook: It is Rook for the fifty-seven thousandth time.

At The College

Headmaster: Now today I will present to you the main lecture of school, but before that, we have two new important guests with us today.

Ben: It is gonna be us, Rook.

Headmaster: Billy Billions and Mazuma!

Billy: Oh, yeah!

Ben: What the heck?

Rook: It is those "Dork Heads" you like to talk about.

Headmaster: And we have two menaces too.

Ben: Uh-oh!

Headmaster: Ben and an alien, Rook.

A few of the students: Boo!

Julie: Ben?

Ben: Julie? You are here too?

Julie: And Hervé too.


Headmaster: And a new lunch lady, I mean lunch man, Kevin Ethan Levin!

Kevin: Whazzup?

Ben: Kev? This cannot be happening.

Rook: It is.

Headmaster: And last but not least, a new Math teacher...

Ben: This is gonna be.....weird I guess.

Headmaster: ...Gwen Tennyson!

Rook: You are wrong, it is going to be wonderful life in College.

Ben: You mean WEIRD!

At The First Period

Rook: When will the teacher arrive?

The teacher arrives.

Ben: Gwen?

Gwen: Yes.

Billy: Hey, look, it's the nerd again!

Gwen: Macrio Zanos Thrivias!

Gwen does a magic spell.

A Magical Hand  does a wedgie to Billy

Billy: Come on, it was funny.

Mazuma: What are you doing?

Billy: I'm hanging around, I guess.

Gwen: Concentrate, class.

Ben: On what?

Gwen: Ben, if there's one thing you learned, it's that I am stronger than you.

Ben: That's what we're gonna learn today?

Gwen: Never mind. Now, class, let's go through Geometry, shall we?

Rook: YES!

Gwen: Who can tell me what is Geometry?

Rook: Geometry is an eight-letter word and it is in the Math category.

Gwen's face goes crazy.

After a long time

Ben: It's finally eating time.

Then Ben and Rook sits down.

Rook: I shall go get the Chilly Fries and Amber Ogia .

Rook comes back with a crazier face.

Rook: I got chilly fries.

Hands to Ben.

Rook: But no, Amber Ogia!?!?! This is not fair!!

Kevin and Gwen comes down and sits with them.

Ben: Hey guys, weird to see you guys work here.

Kevin: We're here to spy on you guys. And save your butt from Vilgax.

Gwen: We're not spying.

Gwen kicks Kevin on the leg.

Kevin: Oww! Oh yeah, we're protecting the College from Vilgax the conqueror of ten schools. I mean ten Worlds.

Rook: There would not be any attack here.

Then Mezuma blasts open the wall and enters the cafeteria. then Billy comes.

Billy:  Gwenny, I have come for my revenge for giving me a wedgie.

Gwen How did you escape?

Billy: My underwear tore.

Ben, Gwen and Kevin: Ewwww.

Rook: Now, raise your hands where I can see them.

Rook points a gun at him.

Billy: Why should I?

Mezuma turns her hand to a gun and points and Rook.

Ben: Whoa!

Mezuma: Now you raise the hands up!

Everyone raises except for Kevin.

Mezuma: Are you too special for handing up?

Kevin: Nope, but the pipe which you accidentally trashed while blasting your entrance here is about to fall.

Billy: Get away from there,Mezuma!!

Kevin: I was talking to you.

Billy: Oops.