Ben 10 Omni-Aliens Wars
Season Season 2, Episode 17
Air date Febuary 1, 2015
Written by Elghin
Directed by Elghin
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Trasure Orpera
Ben 10,000
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Ultimate Ben travels to the past.

Major EventsEdit

Ultimate Ben explained Ben. it is reveals that Ult. Ben is Ben's not real future. it is reveals that Ben 10,000 is Ben's real future.


Ben ( 15 and 20 year old ) Ultimate Ben Ben 10,000


Eon Eon's Servants

Aliens UsedEdit

Used by 15 year old Ben: Goop Jetray Water Hazard Terrspin Ghostfreak

Used by 20 year old Ben: Fasttrack (2x) NRG Jetray Rath Ghostfreak Ditto Ultimate. Bloxx Bloxx The Worst Ultimate. Rath

Used by Ultimate Ben: Ultimate Spidermonkey Ultimate Echo Echo Ultimate Humungosaur Jetray Goop Heatblast Bloxx Feedback

Used by Ben 10,000: Buzzshock Spitter Articuguna Heatblast (3x) Jetray Way Big Snare-Oh


All 4 Bens who used Jetray. The episode was unlocked by Cartoon Network America.