Ben 10: Omniversal Destruction
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 4/5/2013
Written by User: InterspaceMaster
Directed by User: InterspaceMaster
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The Eliminator destroys the universe, but is taken into inter-dimension reality by the Plumbers and held captive. He becomes guilty and escapes the prison. Meanwhile, on an inter-dimension-Earth, Ben hears about the destruction and grieves for Julie. He decides to transform into Alien X and confront Bellicus and Serena for the recreation of the universe.


(The Eliminator): If I can't have the Omnitrix-(whips out Proto-Tool, transforms it into a machine gun)-Then NO-ONE WILL!!!(shoots centre reactor, destroying the universe.)

Suddenly, The Eliminator was whisked into a black hole, thrown through light years into an inter-dimensional space world, surrounded by Plumbers.