Heroes United
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 11/23/15
Written by Elghin
Directed by Elghin
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20 years later Ben is older so his son have 11th birthday so Ben gave him the Omnitrix that look exactly when he was 16. but Ben's enemies will steal Kenny. What do Ben save his son?

Major EventsEdit

Kenny and Gwendolyn and others returns


Ben Tennyson ( known as Ben 10,000 ) Gwendolyn Tennyson Kenny Tennyson Kenny's sister


Vilgax Khyber Tummyskull Malware Liam Gorvan Pyshon Zomobozo Z'skyar Circus Freak Trio

Aliens UsedEdit

Used by Ben 10,000: Grey Matter Ultimate Grey Matter Fasttrack (4x) Ultimate Echo Echo Ultimate Big Chill Swarpfire Echo Echo Big Chill Bloxx (3x) Feedback Way Big Four Arms

Used by Kenny: Ditto Ghostfreak Atomix Toepick (2x) Fasttrack Ultimate Spidermonkey Ultimate Echo Echo Spidermonkey Echo Echo Shockquactch (4x)


The episode premiere in 3 hours episodes The city is now changed and similar to New York According to Elghin that Rook will appears in the episode but cofrimed that he will not appear because Rook move back to his hometown.