Clemintine has a rough first day.Enjoy :)


Clemintine enters the classroom looking drowsy.

Clemintines classmate:Why you so down freak face!

Teacher:Now now Sarah say you are sorry.

Sarah:Im sorry Clem that you're ugly!

Teacher:Sarah go to the principle now!

Sarah:Sorry mom.

A few hours are skipped and its gym.

Coach:Ok todays activity is dodge ball.

The game starts and Clem stays way in the back because she knew she would get hit first.One by one the kids went out,Clem was all that was left and on the other side Sarah was all that was left.Clem ran in front but Sarah grabbed the ball first and BAM!! Clem was out.

Meanwhile in the parking lot a boy looks at Clem.

Clem:What gonna make fun of me like everyone else?

Boy:No no... I think its terrible what has happened all day well bye and im Kyle.

Clem looks in her car and sees a peice of paper right as Kyle drives off.

Clem:His phone number...

                                THE END