In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien

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In the original series

Max Tennyson (Maxwell Tennyson is his full name) is a human from Earth in Ben 10. He is a well-known Magister, as well as Ben and Gwen's grandfather.


Max Tennyson in the original series wore a white shirt, covered by a red buttoned-up shirt with a floral design. He has grey hair and blue pants and black shoes.

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Max's appearance did not change except for his blue pants have changed to brown, he has more wrinkles, a slightly darker shirt, and whiter hair. In addition, he spends his free hours in Crystal Cove, and in episode 3, season 2, was revealed to be an alien from Skaro.

Again in Omniverse, his appearance has not changed that much except for his brown pants that have changed to white. He has whiter hair, more wrinkles and his eyes have been changed to little black dashes. His white shirt that he wore under his red button up shirt has changed to black. Also, his shoes are now grey at the top and black at the bottom.<

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Advanced Technology and Alien Knowledge
  • Plumber Training(Taught by Mario)
  • Military Training
  • Air force Training


  • Almost all episodes in the original series and some episodes in the other series.