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Helen Wheels is a Kineceleran from Kinet in Ben 10: Alien Force. She is a Plumbers' Helper, and is the adopted younger sister Pierce, as well as Manny's partner.


Helen is smart, brave, kind, nifty and level-headed, though at times she usually tries to act rational and wise, making her mostly a mirror image of [Gwen Tennyson|Gwen], as well as an older sister figure for younger Plumbers such as Cooper and  Alan. Helen shares a love-hate relationship with Manny. While Manny is usually hot-headed, aggressive and enjoys using violent methods, Helen is usually more careful and less aggressive, causing occasional arguments. On the other hand, she stated that they worked better teaming together than with other Plumbers, and shows true concern when seeing him injured or in danger.


Helen possesses powers and appearance similar to XLR8: her feet end with wheel-like appendices, making her able to move like a roller skater and giving her incredible speed. How exactly fast she can go has not be revealed, but she's shown being able to move fast enough to do the same things as XLR8, such as racing up a wall or creating miniature tornadoes.


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