HF Studios is an American animation studio. It mainly focuses on producing and developing TV programs . This Studio mainly produces the Den 10 Saga . It was named after its founder , User : Hanyfadil


Founder : User : Hanyfadil
Members :

User : Lsvel03
User:Reo 54
The Master Of Art
User:Lego Master

For Den 10 :

Creator : User : Hanyfadil
Director : User : Hanyfadil
Writer : User : Hanyfadil
Co-Writer : User : Lsvel03

Art Production Members :

Art Director : User:Reo 54

Epic Art Producers :

The Master Of Art

User:Lego Master

Whoever wants to be employed as a co-writer or the Director or whatever can fill up the form given below or just add your signature in any of my series .

Admission Form :

This is the admission form for those who all are interested . Please fill the following or write down the details as a comment .

Name :

Post Interested :

Designs made (if any and paste the picture here) :

No. Of Series made (if Any) :

Names of your series :

Is any of them Featured ? :

THANK YOU for filling your form and being interested in our works and projects .

Employee of the Month

There will be a star chart for the employees who will we awarded a star for their active participation . The employee with most stars at the end of the month will be awarded .

User:Lsvel03 :
User:Reo 54 :
User:InterspaceMaster :
User:Lego Master :

Past WinnersEdit

May : User:Reo54

Ongoing Projects
  1. Den 10 Ultiverse  (September)
Upcomming Projects
  1. MasterAlien 2013 (December)
  2. Den 10 Franklin (June)
  3. HF 10 (July)