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Den 10 Ultiverse is an American television series produced and developed by HF Studios . The series began its production on 3rd April 2013. Created by User:Hanyfadil , co-written by User:Lsvel03 and art will be done by User:Reo 54 , User:InterspaceMaster and User:Lego Master .


Motto : It's a whole new Ultiverse !

7 years after the events of Ben X-10 , Den Tennyson is now 16 . He becomes the saviour of the universe and Ben's successor . He wears the new Ultimatrix 2.0 , gifted by Azmuth . With many new aliens and adventures , it's a new Ultiverse !

While producing the pilot series Ben X-10 , the idea Den 10 as the new protoganist was thought . The production started on 2nd April 2013. Its promo art and logo was released on 3/4/13. The first season is still under production . A total number of 15 episodes have been ordered.

There were a few rumours about a Den 10 movie . On 30th May 2013 , a movie titled , "Den 10 : A New Hero" was announced . The movie will air somewhere between season 3 and 4 .


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    The series has 1 major story arc , which consists of 2 seasons . Each season has different plots , antagonists , aliens , etc but all the plots of the seasons will connect with it's respective story arc .

    Story Arc 1:

    Den 10 becomes the successor of Ben 10 . While Ben is away , Den gets training with Rook , Max and other plumbers in a new training centre on Earth , D10-P1067 nicknamed as Dellwood.

    Seasons Episodes Main Antagonist Original Airdate Last Airdate
    1 10 Khyber September, 2013 TBA
    2 5 Mr. X TBA TBA

    Arc 2 :

    Seasons Episodes Main Antagonist Original Airdate Last Airdate
    3 5 Agregor TBA TBA


      On 12th June 2013 , HF Studios had announced about an upcoming sequel possibly titled , Den 10 OmniGear .


      1. Meet our new art producers , ISM and User:Lego Master !
      2. Meet our new Art Director , User:Reo 54 !
      3. Meet our new Co-Writer , User:Lsvel03 !
      4. Den 10's world premiere date will be postponed up till September because of its slow production and promotion .
      5. A video game will be released on Den 10 after the 2nd season.
      6. New Alien Sneak Peeks !! What do you think ? Rate us !
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      1. Unlike its predecessor , User:Hanyfadil confirmed this series will have more than 1 season.
      2. The first Story Arc will feature Den's training and worthiness of becoming the new Saviour of the World .
      3. It's awesome !
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